A Few Words About Us

Sample Tactics, LLC was founded in 2008 when the founders recognized the lack of an easy to use clinic inventory tracking software. The founders came from a background of Pharmaceutical Sales and IT Consulting and were determined to fill this need. TraxaMED was born from the need for clinics to have a better and easy to use tracking method for their sample pharmaceuticals. We brought together providers, nurses, clinic managers, pharmaceutical representatives and technology experts to address this need.

This team was tasked with coming to a solution that could provide a simple answer to the critical question of "how are we going to manage patient samples?" The result of many months of research, design, development and testing was the TraxaMED Sample Tracking Solution. Developers were tasked with creating the software with the following goals.

• Secure and Flexible
• Accurate Tracking
• Simple to Use
• Flexible Reporting

While TraxaMED was found to be an excellent solution for tracking samples, clinics found it to be a huge asset in tracking many other types of meds and supplies as well. When version 2 was released with customizable tracking types, TraxaMED was ready to roll out nationwide.

TraxaMED is now available and can be set up and usable within your environment in only a matter of hours.

Throughout our development and marketing research, we have run across many useful links. We want to share some of these with you for use in developing your own knowledgebase. When working to ensure buy-in at all levels of your organization, some of this information may be very useful.

Useful Links

• Critical Access Hospital Conference • Joint Commission Resources
• Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality • Joint Commission - Sample Med Notes

If you have questions or needs that you may need assistance with, contact us. We are happy to assist in any way possible.

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