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At Sample Tactics, LLC we believe that if you can track your inventory, you can save money.

TraxaMED is a simple and cost effective online solution to better manage any items in your clinic that expire or just need more streamlined tracking and reporting. Are you tracking something on paper or in a three ring binder? If so, TraxaMED is the answer!

Reasons to use TraxaMED

Patient Safety
     Track medication and pharmaceutical samples
         in case of adverse reactions or recalls.
Compliance Policies
     JCAHO, CMS, Narcotic Management, Pain Medications
     Avoid abusers
Fiscally Responsible
     No more expired supplies, prevent waste, stay within budget.
     Avoid empty supply bins.
Generate Income
    Proactively alert patients to their vaccination schedules.
    Report on pain pump refill and/or Alert Dates.
    Easily follow up on new medications.

Imagine running an inventory report within minutes versus hours or days of counting and sorting - TraxaMED can do this and more!

Contact us now to schedule a demonstration of TraxaMED - your inventory tracking solution.

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